Monday, February 16, 2009

Amputated Too Soon

Moon in Tree Photo by Julie Eger

In this evening nearing midnight
with its moon all high and shining
he stops near the church all empty
thinking this is all the further
he can come.

All around him it is snowing
while an icy wind is blowing
and he buttons up much tighter
for the cold she is a coming
and there’s nothing to be done.

His sanity’s in danger,
wonders if he’ll be a stranger
to the ache of hearts a-breaking
when she says this isn’t making
her happy anymore.

Says her faith in love is fading
like convictions of the young.
She can’t imagine staying
and no amount of praying
will change what she’s looking for.

His empty jug of whiskey
salutes midnight moon in sky,
in the archives of her memory
he’s but a phantom limb
and everybody knows it,
every one but him.

~~ Julie Eger


  1. Thank you Patti. My son's girlfriend broke up with him, and it broke my heart too. Thanks for the compliment!


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