Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Single Impression prompt 57: Smoke

On Fire

photo by J. C. Eger

This has more to do with fire and things that might not want to be saved than it does with smoke, but... it had the word smoke in it, so I offer it up to the One Single Impression prompt anyway.

Our sirens screaming in the night,
Hang on, we’re on our way!

But I can no longer see
through smoke and glassy eyes.
There is a heat here you don’t understand.

We are flinging things from your second story.
Your past is safe upon the dewy grass.

But my beams are broken
My doors swelled shut –
Leave me, leave me, leave me, go…

No, we are glad to put out your fire.

You should have let me burn.

~ Julie Eger


  1. It read to me as if the dwelling was wanting the firemen to let it burn.

    Interesting read.

  2. This is told from an interesting perspective. Humans have a hard time letting go. The rest of our world seems to accept change--animals, nature, even houses?

  3. I really liked the viewpoint from the house itself--worked very nicely.

  4. 'a heat here you don't understand' stands out for me. A house can be rebuilt, but never the same.

  5. Many layers in this fiery piece. Well composed.

  6. definitely appropriate for the prompt. like the voices interacting.

  7. The past is being saved as the present desire to die ... so profound it makes me want to cry, because I truly understands.

  8. Such an interesting perspective. Nicely done.

  9. Interesting poem- I like the perspective taken-well done! "But my beams are broken
    My doors swelled shut –
    Leave me, leave me, leave me, go…" Such a great human analogy and mataphor as well

  10. loved it!!!... especially so yr past is safe upon the lawn... great perspective... have always found houses/homes have souls.. some good some not so good...


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