Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lost in Translation

The check didn’t come
so I rifled through the junk drawer
and under the couch
in search of quarters.
And under the floor mats
in the car.
And in my jewelry box,
pockets of coats
hanging in the closet.
You never know.
When I walked to the garage
my shoe came untied
and then my shoe string broke.
Then I noticed the truck
was out of gas on my way to town.
An old lady decided to park
in the yellow space by the curb
and I almost rear-ended her.
When I finally got to the bank
I was fifth in line which left me
nothing but time to think
about how to pay my dues.
And then, driving back through town
I saw the American flag on the ground
in front of an old house for sale
across from the flower shop
where we bought those flowers
for your mother. The flag
was stuck in the mud and ice
and when I went to make it right
I slipped and fell and a man walking by
shouted at me for desecrating the American flag.

Julie Eger 2009

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