Sunday, November 8, 2009

OSI Prompt # 89 - Departed


A woman down the street
is disturbed by the descansos
left at the side of the road –
a cross marking the spot
where a young boy passed.
She says she will remove it
if it is still there in the spring
when she comes home 
from wintering in New Orleans.
She does not want to be reminded
of the departed, of how he left.
“Once you’re gone, you’re gone,
so what does it matter?”

J. Eger


  1. This is indeed a thought provoking piece. I guess we all have troubles facing up to this reality esp. if it such a tragic one. I would say to her: it matters not to you but to someone else for sure.

  2. There's a depth to these words. Nicely done.

  3. a bit of a sad take... a good read nonetheless! riddled with depth. well said!

  4. love this piece ... we all deal with death in different ways.

  5. Indeed. There's a sense of fear and foreboding here.

  6. We often do not want to be reminded of unhappy times or events. There's enough each day without the memories. Nicely done.

  7. How sad our culture has come to the place where marking the place where someone leaves the planet is a place to be shunned instead of visited, groomed, wept over, food left just in case the departed stops by.

    Thank you for this beauty!

  8. the saddest is departing or a love one departed!

    i could relate to this, and i just missed my father Jukota!

    lovely take but on a sad note!

    thanks for always stopping by my place. be a regular here, promise!!!

  9. Thanks everyone, again, for your comments. Sorry to be so 'heavy and deep' with these last two prompts. The boy wasn't someone I knew, but someone in our neighborhood, and it has affected all of us this past week. Leaves me pondering many things...

  10. I first saw descansos in New Mexico when I was a child. Now they are seen even in New England, where people are traditionally less open about showing grief. Times change for the better, thank goodness.

  11. Well done. It always amazes me how some people are willing to force others to abide by their 'thinking' or lack thereof. Well done.

  12. And how many descansos have been traded for young boys? Be they DUIs on county byways or IEDs on Iraqi roadsides. They be many. Very poignant.

  13. Such an interesting post - and incredible use of the prompt. I love how you left the rest of the story up to us... the implications of that neighbor's comment continue to ripple in my consciousness...

  14. Incredible post... and food for thought.

  15. Sense of sadness....Lovely one

  16. Julie, we have a place with three crosses for the three children who were killed by a passing car as the kids were leaving their school bus.
    It was always soooooo sad to me, your poem brings back memories of when those crosses were fresh.
    The ones here, if they get missing they are replaced very quickly.
    This is a very nice sad and thought provoking poem. I like it.

  17. sensible use of the prompt to make a deep impact !!

  18. That is a valid view.
    Yet we know it matters, when someone is gone.

  19. The thoughts it bring is unsettling each time....well written piece. Then the thoughts are so necessary..

  20. great take on the prompt...and I think it matters a lot!


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